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Bright Prospects? China’s Rooftop Solar Goal May Be Unreachable

Via Reuters, a report on Beijing’s audacious goal of tripling solar power from small-scale operations: Solar panels are seen on the roofs of residential houses in Qingnan village of Lianyungang, Jiangsu province January 8, 2014. Beijing’s goal of tripling solar power from small-scale operations such as rooftop panels looks overly ambitious, risking disappointment for investors […]

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Cool Roofs In Warming Cities May Come At A Cost

Via the Christian Science Monitor, a article on how – as cities confront global warming by reflecting sunlight or planting gardens – they could add to winter heating costs or even decrease rainfall in some regions: “Cool” roofs and roofs covered with vegetation can be effective tools for keeping people who live in America‘s broad, […]

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White Roofs Could Offset Summer Warming By 2100

Via Renew Economy, an interesting report on the potential of white roofs: Painting building roofs white could cool some major cities baking in the intensifying heat of a changing climate. How much benefits white roofs could bring depend on the region of the country they’re installed in and the season, new research shows. Keeping cities cool in […]

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Why White Roofs Are Better Than Green Roofs At Fighting Climate Change

Via Architizer, an article on white versus green roofs: Over the last decade, green roofs—that is, rooftops planted with living vegetation—have been touted for their environmentally friendly benefits. But while they certainly help prevent rainwater runoff and provide extra insulation, a new study shows that the sustainable rooftop garden might not be the best solution […]

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